Carnegie Science Building, interior shot
22 February 2018
Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, DC
The 2018 Jefferson Innovation Summit is part of the University's Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative. The invitation-only Summit will bring together corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, government officials, policy experts, academics, federal regulators and media for in-depth dialogue and workshop sessions that will inform a “policy playbook” to encourage cleantech innovation across multiple industry sectors. The three-part format will include: a seminar-style discussion in the morning modeled after the case study method practiced in the Darden classroom; a facilitated conversation over lunch to generate ideas and solutions for obstacles that arose during the morning discussion; and lastly a working afternoon session to compose constructive recommendations. The day will culminate with a celebratory dinner reception.
“The 2018 Jefferson Innovation Summit is founded on the belief that only through a critical dialogue between diverse stakeholders can we begin to take the actions needed to address our climate change challenge.”
– Michael Lenox, Faculty Director, Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative